Tag your items before they get lost with our personal asset tags and security system. Just attach one of our handy tags to each of the belongings you would like to protect, and register your information on this website.

Commonly lost items you may want to protect:

  • Keys
  • Cell phone
  • iPod / iPad
  • Luggage
  • Laptop
  • Kids Clothes
  • Winter garments
  • Walking canes
  • Eyeglasses

In addition, IsThisLost provides a go-between service such that a finder of lost property can easily return it to its rightful owner. Doing the right thing has never been easier.

The finder can report the lost property using the IsThisLost website, or a toll-free phone number, or even a smartphone barcode scanner to communicate with the owner in a way that keeps owner's identity and location private.

Major benefits include

  • Proven to be more effective than high tech solutions for lost items. Does not need onboard power.
  • Keeps owner's identity anonymous.
  • Return item shipping offered by IsThisLost for its subscribers for certain urgent items like keys and phones (subject to usage limits). Service is automatically offered by IsThisLost customer service agents when urgent items are lost in a city other than the owner's home city.
  • Toll free phone service included that is answered 24 hours by 365 days.
Do I have to register to return?
No registration is required to return an item. We collect contact information so that the owner may contact you with any questions she may have. We will ask for your mailing address so that we can mail you our thanks and a reward. We also enter finders into an annual surprise reward raffle. No action is needed from you after your return.
I don't want to share my personal details.How do I return the lost item?
There is really no risk in your sharing your details. These are never used to spam you, send you any offers or sold to other parties. We reserve the right to share the information with law enforcement, as required by law. We only use your contact information to send you a reward. However, if you prefer not to share your information, we do not require that you do.
Does it cost me anything to return?
No, it does not cost you anything at all. We offer a postage paid service with USPS for all items, and an overnight FedEx service for items of special value. Once you report a lost item, our customer service agent will inform you of availability of these services. At times the owner will arrange to pick up the item from a business where you might have left the owner's property.
What is this funny looking square on the lost tag? Do I have to do something with it?
This is a Quick Response (QR) code that can be scanned with a barcode scanner app on a smartphone. Scanning the QR code takes you straight to our website and even enters the 7 character code that identifies the owner. On the site, you can alert the owner that you have found his/her item.
Do I get something in return?
We offer all our finders a free 1-year subscription and a starter kit of tags to protect their property. No payment is needed. On top of this, five grand prizes are awarded each December to five finders. Prizes include $250 gift cards to iTunes, Amazon, and Macy's and a lifetime subscription to IsThisLost.
I'd like to protect my items, what do I need to do?
Sign up for IsThisLost service. We'll mail you stickers/tags and instructions.

Apply recovery stickers or tags to any personal belongings that are likely to be lost or stolen. This will allow a "finder" to return it to you.
What items can I protect with this service?
It is really up to your imagination. Use these on keys, backpacks, iPods, iPads, mobile phones, laptops, bicycles, sunglasses, walking canes etc. If you need to protect something that our tags are not suitable for, please drop us an email and we'll have appropriate tags developed.
How do I get my items back?
Your lost item is reported found by a finder using this website or our toll free number. Typically found items are reported within 48 hrs of being lost in high traffic areas. Don't stop your own search efforts in the meantime. For keys, iPads and laptops we instruct the finder to ship it overnight using our free shipping facility. We do this while keeping your identity private. For other items, you can make pickup arrangements with the finder. Always meet a finder at a public location and share little information about yourself.
Why not put my own stickers on my items?
You surely can and we recommend it, as an alternative to using our service. However, our service provides certain benefits for a few bucks a month, that make it a safe and cost-effective way to increase the chance of return of your valuables:
  • 24 x 365 pickup of a finder's call so that vital information is collected before your valuable item is resigned to a lost and found box, and never recovered.
  • Communicate with the finder. This is provided by a private email service that protects your identity.
  • Recognition of lost items by finders as compared to other commercial and branding messages
  • Record of your ownership of your items in a our database
How to protect myself while recovering a lost item?
It is important to follow certain safeguards before a loss and after:

  • Affix IsThisLost tags on all items that are movable and or likely to be lost. Do not affix your name, phone or email address on these tags for safety.
  • Protect your iPods, iPads, phones and laptops with data protection measures, including passwords, data wiping features now commonly available, etc.
  • Immediately report your lost item on our site. This will help connect with reports of found items without readable tags (e.g. if tags got removed).
  • Use other means of recovery, e.g. posting on other sites like Craigslist and Facebook.
  • Do not reveal your identity to the finder including your name, email address, fake email address etc. as these can be used by savvy criminals to trace your keys or phone back to you.
  • Never agree to meet a person in an area you are not comfortable with. Meet the finder in a mall, or a public location. Send a friend if that feels safer. If not sure, have them drop your item off with FedEx using our return instructions and call us for getting the item picked up.
  • Be safe, but not paranoid.