Safety Tips

It is important to follow certain safeguards before and after a loss of a personal item:


  • Affix IsThisLost tags on all items that are movable and or likely to be lost.  Do not affix your name, phone or email address on these tags for safety.
  • Protect your iPods, iPads, phones and laptops with data protection measures, including passwords, data wiping features now commonly available, etc.  If in doubt, please send us an email and our Customer Service Agents would be happy to send you some information on how to accomplish that.
  • DO NOT use IsThisLost tags on payment cards such as credit, debit or store cards.  Instead copy their information and keep it in a safe place.


  • If a payment card is lost or stolen, immediately call the issuer and have them suspended or cancelled.  Do not use IsThisLost to recover them.
  • Immediately report your lost item on our site. This will help connect with reports of found items without readable tag codes.
  • Use other means of recovery, e.g. posting on other sites like Craigslist and Facebook.
  • Do not reveal your identity to the finder including your name, email address, fake email address etc. as these can be used by savvy criminals to trace your keys or phone back to you.  Instead, suggest that they leave your item at a coffeeshop with a barista and let you know the location of the coffeeshop.  Most honest finders would be happy to oblige.
  • Never agree to meet a person in an area you are not comfortable with. Meet the finder in a public location. Send or accompany a friend, if that feels safer. If not sure, have them drop your item off with FedEx using our return instructions and call us for getting the item picked up.
  • Be safe, but not paranoid.